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Parental Controls

Parental controls allow you to manage your child's online activity; this could be by filtering the websites they are able to access, limiting downloads, or restricting the time they spend online. 


​Parental controls are vital to improve online safety.  The internet can be scary and confusing for children, but the advice we have below can help protect your children online. 

Parental Advice 

Home Internet 

Many ISPs (internet service providers, e.g., Virgin Media, TalkTalk), already supply parental controls capabilities for their customers.  This is a great place to start. Contact your ISP and ask what they offer. Your mobile phone network may also provide parental controls. 

Parental Control Apps 

There are many parental control applications out there for family use.  Choosing the right application is down to personal preference and needs.  Some of our favourites are FamilyLink,   Kaspersky, and  

Famisafe. As always, be careful to only download software from reputable sources.

Gaming Consoles

Many gaming accounts and consoles supply parental controls such as locking age-appropriate content, disabling online spending, and blocking chat facilities.  Each vendor has information on their website. 

Device Management 

Each home has multiple devices and trying to understand the settings within each can be daunting.  Basic security and privacy settings include blocking in-app purchases, disabling location tracking, backing-up data, and blocking contacts.  Search your device manufacturer's website for information.  

Discussions with your child 

Having discussions with your child about online safety ensures that they understand why you have placed controls on their use of devices and the internet.  

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