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Christine Eckford

Co-Founder and CEO

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A Bit About Christine...

Christine Eckford was a Cyber Educator Award Finalist in the 2021 Scottish Cyber Awards.  She is currently employed as the CEO of Citizens of Cyber and as a lecturer in Computing at West Lothian College.  She has over a decade of experience working within the Digital and IT world.  During her career, Christine has had the privilege of working across a variety of positions and as a result, has developed a great understanding of the different operational requirements within organisations at multiple levels. 

She has worked as a Projects Manager within the Digital Department of one of Scotland’s largest charities and is continually developing her professional skills through a number of qualifications and networking opportunities.  Working as a consultant with regards to cyber security, project/program management, and business writing, whilst furthering her education by gaining a degree in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics at Napier University.

Christine has managed and worked on various Digital and IT projects throughout her career with a wide range of organisations and is continually networking throughout the industry to improve cyber awareness for all.  

Christine has a connection to vulnerable adults and children in her personal life; therefore, she has a vested interest in the topic of online safety, particularly when it comes to emphasising the significance of this to others.  She has a strong passion for STEM and inclusivity within the industry and will continue to advocate for this.

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