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Teaching sitting children

Protecting Children 6 Years and Younger Online

All parents worry when introducing their children to technology; it’s only natural! Speaking to children from an early age about boundaries online is extremely important in today’s world.


How you can limit your child's exposure to online dangers:  

  • Have discussions about technology and the internet to help your child understand them. 

  • Discuss the importance of switching devices off and speaking to an adult, if they see content that makes them uncomfortable. 

  • Create an open environment where they can ask questions. 

  • Set time limits for your child’s device use. 

  • Set boundaries for what applications they can use. 

  • Learn how your child uses their devices, such as for streaming or gaming. 

  • Ensure passwords are enabled to access devices, make purchases, or download material. 

  • Speak to anyone who looks after your child and ensure they are aware of the boundaries you have set. 

  • Spend time with your child on their devices so they want to include you. 

  • Research parental controls and decide on the best ones for you. 

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