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Protecting Yourself Online!

As young adults, you will be familiar with using the technology and the internet by now, but even highly experienced adults need to be careful online. Here are some tips to stay secure: 


Privacy and Security: 

  • The digital footprint you make now could negatively impact you in future. Consider your online reputation just as you would your offline reputation. 

  • Set your social profiles to private.  

  • Don't share personal photos or information online. 

  • Use different passwords for each account and keep them safe. 

  • Always check your privacy and security settings on your devices. 

  • Don't use public WiFi. 

  • Keep to age-appropriate content. 

  • Don't trust everything you see on the internet. 

  • Check your social media regularly and make sure you know everyone on your friends list. 

  • Don't speak to, or meet up with, strangers you have met online. 

  • Only download apps or attachments, or click links, from trusted sources.

Mental Wellbeing:

  • Don't stand for cyberbullying, don't watch it happen to someone else, or instigate it. Report cyber bullying to an adult. 

  • If someone is trying to pressure you into doing something you don't want to online, speak to an adult. 

  • Speak to your friends, adults, and/or siblings if you need support with anything online.  

  • Social profiles do not always portray the whole truth so don't feel that others are more successful or happier than you. 

  • Understand the importance of body image, mental health and wellbeing, physical health, and sexuality.  Be tolerant of others and be confident within yourself. 

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